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A credit is generally obtained following a product return and can be used for 1 year from its creation date.
Once we have received your return order and the return document is completed, we will email you a credit code for the value of your purchase.

During use, if your credit note is for an amount lower than the total amount of your order (shipping costs included), you can place an order by completing the amount by credit card or PayPal.

If the payment for your order is refused, the refusal does not come from our site but from your bank.
We advise you to contact them in order to be able to unblock any restrictions.

Payments are verified with 3DS systems (Visa and Mastercard). Cards which are not equipped with this system may be refused. If in doubt about your card, we advise you to contact your bank.

Payments made on the site are 100 % secure. You can order with confidence.