the Climbert bike helmet is a historical reference at Björka. The raison d'être of this helmet is its versatility. Indeed, the Climbert helmet is suitable for all cycling practices: road, mountain bike, triahtlon, cyclo-cross, track. Do not change any more helmet depending on the bike you get on or your practice of the day. Grab your Climbert, go for a ride and enjoy! Indeed, this bicycle helmet offers a very good compromise between lightness, ventilation and protection. Very ventilated with its 31 openings, this helmet allows extreme ventilation of your head. The heatwave will have no effect on you! Neither insects since the helmet is equipped with mosquito nets that will prevent you from unpleasant surprises during your bike ride. The Climbert helmet is in double InMold construction, so it offers a certain strength while remaining light. Its occipital adjustment wheel allows you to perfectly adjust the helmet to your head. Comfort and safety are there!