Discover the selection of BJÖRKA Long-sleeved cycling jerseys products.

The second layer of the three-layer system, the cycling jersey is often worn over cycling underwear. Again, the long-sleeved cycling jersey is a technical product. The long-sleeved cycling jersey is one of the key pieces of cycling equipment. That's why all our Björka road bike jerseys are made by cyclists for you, regular or more occasional runners. Man or woman, you will find your happiness. Our long-sleeved cycling jerseys are technical, practical and breathable. Anxious to offer you different cycling jerseys, our collections offer you a colorful and original design.

Cycling jerseys are different depending on the practice, road or mountain bike. Road bike jerseys generally have a more fitted fit than mountain bike jerseys. Mountain bikers, looking above all for comfort and freedom of movement during exercise, wear looser cycling jerseys… even if the current trend is to see more and more mountain bikers wearing road cycling jerseys. The technicality of the latter is such that these jerseys can be used as much for road cycling as for mountain biking.

The long-sleeved cycling jersey is designed to provide comfort and warmth to the cyclist during his effort in cool weather. We can add a sleeveless vest during descents or when the temperature drops. The combination of short-sleeved cycling jersey + arm warmers is a very practical alternative when the temperature changes during the bike ride.